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Violet Breath

Violet Breath


Violet Breath is our cross of Mendo Breath and Purple Ice Water. A complete hash dumper with sticky tacky oil and heads. Violet hued Buds and pure frost. Cold as Ice. 


These seeds where bred on the Island Of Maui and aclimated to tropical enviroments, this makes is great to grow in any high humid environment as well as indoor and greenhouse.


Great growing plants, super frosty white buds. Very strong healthy and structured plants. REGULAR SEED. 63 days flower.



  • THC Content


  • Genetics

    Mendo Breath x Purple Ice Water


  • Taste & Aroma

    Floral Violet Minty Kushness

  • Type


  • Cultivation

    Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse


  • Terpenes

    Violet, Flowers, Kush Mints, 

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