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The Grape Wave AUTO

The Grape Wave AUTO


The Grape Wave (Auto Tsunami x Grape Indica) is a high density early & Auto flower variety. The Grape Wave has large uniform buds reeking of grape gas and diesel. Some regular, some auto. Quick Flower, super grape hazy flavor, great terpene production. Plant these in a dense canopy and feel the waves of grape goodness take over you. CBD. Photo-Insensitive (Day Neutral) Genetics. 70-90 days from seed. 25%+ Day Neutral 50%+ Auto Flower 25% Regular Genetics


Per Seed Per Pack

16 Seeds-@$3.00ea

32 Seeds-@$2.75ea

50 Seeds-@$2.50ea

100 Seeds @$2.00ea

1000 Seeds @$1.75ea

1000+ (Inquire about discounted farm pricing)

  • CBD Content

    17% CBD

  • Genetics


    Auto Tsunami x Grape Indica


  • Taste & Aroma

    Grape Gas x Diesel

  • Type

    Autoflower CBD Hemp

  • Cultivation

    Greenhouse, Outdoor

  • Terpenes

    Myrcene Diesel Grapes

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