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Silver Hammer

Silver Hammer


Silver Hammer (9lb Hammer x Quantum Hammer) The classic Afgoo 9lb Hammer crossed onto our dope cup winning Quantum Hammer male. Gooey, velvety aerosol funk. This is a high quality connoisseur smoke that is incredibly easy growing. 55 Days

  • THC Content


  • Genetics



    9lb Hammer x Quantum Hammer


  • Taste & Aroma

    Afgoo Spray Can Funk

  • Type

    Regular Cannabis Seed

  • Cultivation

    Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse


  • Terpenes

    Myrcene 0.96

    a-Pinene 0.2

    Caryophyllene 0.18

    Limonene 0.12

    Linalool 0.088

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