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Shiatsu 1:1

Shiatsu 1:1


Shiatsu 1:1 - (Purple Shiatsu x Grape Indica) A true 1:1 THC/CBD strain. Our Purple Shiatsu (GDP x Shiatsu Kush) crossed with our high CBD Grape Indica with an extreme GRAPE smell. This has been a dream project for us (worked over 10 years) We took our original Granddaddy Purple and Bred it with the extremely Unique Shiatsu Kush Landrace, creating a 1:1 THC\CBD cannabis variety. We then bred our best cut of this "Purple Shiatsu" with our Grape Indica male, increasing more consistent CBD production. This creates an amazing hard hitting 1:1 with grape flavor. One hit sends you into a full body Shiatsu massage. If you need pain relief, then this is the one. Amazingly consistent genetics, in our opinion the best 1:1 THC/CBD genetics available. 56 Days. Our Shiatsu selection was bred and developed on the island of Amami ?shima - bred specifically to target the shiatsu regions of the body. Having previously never left the shores of Japan. the Shiatsu Kush is an exotic strain that has particular medical benefits for those suffering chronic pain - by way of releasing all stresses and tension. Extremely relaxing and ridiculously potent. Awarded Gold at the underground JCA awards in Japan and a High Times Top 10 Strain of 2012. High CBD plant. 10%THC 10% CBD "What a lovely mistress. Like a first kiss in a forest of pine trees. She flowed under my skin and whispered in my ear"everything will be ok". Her scent left a lasting smile on my face. Free of pain, she left me ready to wrestle with the wolves once more. A lovely strain, and a wonderful experience. Thank you, Novel Tree.- Anonymous.

  • THC\CBD Content

    10% THC

    10% CBD

  • Genetics

    Purple Shiatsu x Grape Indica



  • Taste & Aroma

    Like a first kiss in a forest of Grape Pine Trees, landrace incense spice

  • Type

    Regular Cannabis Seed

  • Cultivation

    Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse


  • Terpenes



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