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Rainbow Fritter

Rainbow Fritter


Rainbow Fritter is one for the hashy, sour lime fruit apple terps people a very unique profile with amazing flavor. Rainbow Fritter is our favorite cut of Apple Fritter crossed to our Heady tropical Male of Rainbow Punch. Frosty large chunks of a blend of tropical fruit and sour banana deliciousness.


These seeds where bred on the Island Of Maui and aclimated to tropical enviroments, this makes is great to grow in any high humid environment as well as indoor and greenhouse.


Huge buds and  amazing yielding plants. Resistent in harsh environments Very strong healthy and structured plants. REGULAR SEED. 63 days flower.



  • THC Content



  • Genetics

    Apple Fritter x Rainbow Punch



  • Taste & Aroma

    Sour apple lime Tropical punch

  • Type


  • Cultivation

    Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse


  • Terpenes

    Limonene Myrcene, tropical punch

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