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Quantum Hammer- "Dope Cup"

Quantum Hammer- "Dope Cup"


Quantum Hammer- Dope Cup 2016 Seed F2 Our 2016 Dope Cup winning f2 Selection of our Quantum Hammer. Pure Terpy Funk. Gas\Aerosol paint can smell with heavy hitting Kush smoke. Very vigorous growth patterns and huge stalk production. Holds its own weight. Award winning cannabis genetics. 63 Days

  • THC Content


  • Genetics

    Quantum Hammer x 9lb Hammer(BloodwreckPheno)



  • Taste & Aroma

    Aerosol Spray Can Funk!

  • Type

    Regular Cannabis Seed


  • Cultivation

    Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor


  • Terpenes

    Limonene 1.5

    Myrcene 0.43

    Caryophyllene 0.28

    a-Pinene 0.26

    Humulene 0.1

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