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Mandarin Breath

Mandarin Breath


This new one is for the Limonene, orange terps people. Lip smacking Mandarine flavor with a smooth minty Kush exhale. The effects are really nice and has high notes of bliss and a sativa effect all while being pretty noticeably strong high. These seeds where bred on the Island Of Maui and aclimated to tropical enviroments, this makes is great to grow in any high humid environment as well as indoor and greenhouse. Huge Spear shaped buds stacked from the top down (forearm length). Puts on a great solid kushy looking bud with great yields. Very strong healthy and structured plants. REGULAR SEED. 63 days flower.



  • THC Content


  • Genetics

    Mendo Breath x Mandarin Cookies



  • Taste & Aroma

    Pure Mandarin Orange Kush

  • Type


  • Cultivation

    Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse


  • Terpenes

    Limonene Myrcene

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