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Grape Manifesto 1:1 CBG\CBD

Grape Manifesto 1:1 CBG\CBD


This is a 1:1 CBG/ CBD. Huge yields of grape terpy 1:1 CBG/CBD goodness. Quick Finisher and a great biomass producer. Crossed to our Grape Indica male, it kicks the smooth floral terpenes up a next level. Great for field production planting at 4ft spacing in June 3 ft spacing July. Average results show 10% CBG 10% CBG with nonexistent THC levels. 50 Days



  • CBD/CBG Content

    10% CBD 

    10% CBG

  • Genetics



    Money Maker x Grape Indica

  • Taste & Aroma

    Grape Skunk

  • Type

    CBG/CBD 1:1 Hemp

  • Cultivation

    Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor

  • Terpenes


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